Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a boat driving license?

Yes, the boat driving license is required if you want to rent a boat without a skipper. In case you don’t have a license or don’t feel safe to cruise by yourself, we can provide you skippering service for an additional charge of 15 €/h.

Where is the meeting point?

We have multiple meeting points.

Primary meeting points are at the small pier (mali mol) or dolphin dock station in the main harbour of Rovinj and the main pier at the Amarin resort.

For those with a car there is an option near the main gate of the hospital dr. Martin Horvat (crossroad between Bernardo Benussi and Luigi Monti) where you can find parking for your car. Out of season is free and during the season is cheaper than in the city centre.

For those on Katarina island the meeting point is on the north pier where the ferry departs and for those on Red island also on the north pier where the ferry departs.

Can you bring me the boat to a different location?

During low season (before 15.06 and after 15.09) also on these locations:

  • Val Saline-pier
  • Polari&Villas Rubin camping-pier
  • Veštar camping-pier

Where can I see the boats?

In the high season the boats are usually booked during the day so the best time to see them is early in the morning or late evening

Can I rent the boat for a different period than 9am to 6pm?

Any type of adjustment is possible in low season (till 1.6 and from 15.9). Keep in mind that half day rental is the minimum rental period and you’ll be charged for it even if you don’t use entirely.

Feel free to contact us in case you want a customised rental.

Am I insured during the rental period?

All of our boats have fully comprehensive insurance so you don’t need any additional insurance.

It covers everything from the damages you cause on our boat or some other boat and injuries caused by the accident.

In case you cause damage to our boat by your own fault you can be charged up to a maximum amount of 1000€ (for more info check the question below).

Do I need to pay the security deposit?

No security deposit needed.

By signing a contract you agree that in case you cause damage by your own fault you can be charged up to a maximum amount of 1000 €.
For example, if you cause a damage of 50 € we’ll charge you 50 €. If you cause a damage of 3000 € we will charge you the maximum amount of 1000 €.

Can I pay online, with credit card, PayPal or €?

We accept online payments, card or cash (only €). PayPal is not available. Euro is the official currency of Croatia and cash payments in other currencies are not allowed.

Is fuel included in the price of the rental?

Fuel is NOT included in the price of the rental.

We have trip computers with displayed accurate fuel consumption. To save your time you can pay right after your rental to avoid the waiting line on the fuel station which is very common.

How much fuel will I consume?

It depends on the type of the boat, number of persons, average speed and the distance travelled.

During the full day rental you can spend from as little as 10 L or more than 150 L of fuel but it really depends on the conditions mentioned above.

What do I need to take with me on the boat?

You are required to have a boat driving licence, ID or passport and a mobile phone. It’s recommended to bring towels, swimming suits, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Although you get an icebox with cold drinks, it’s advisable to take some water with you. Out of season when the temperatures are lower during evenings, it’s recommended to take long sleeves and a jacket.

Are dogs allowed on board?

Dogs are allowed on every boat except on the Sea Rays for an additional cleaning fee of 10 €.